Sarah Gouda


After several years at Fenway, Sarah served in the Biden-Harris Administration as the Deputy Director of Speechwriting to Vice President Kamala Harris. While in the White House, Sarah wrote speeches, scripts, and statements that grabbed headlines and helped to support the Administration’s ambitious agenda.  

Sarah has also served as the speechwriter to the President at Planned Parenthood Federation of America, where she collaborated closely with Cecile Richards. After Cecile’s departure, she supported the organization’s campaign to block the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court by penning rally speeches for patient advocates and celebrity spokespeople throughout the summer of 2018. 

Sarah earned her B.A. in Zoology from Miami University, where she spent her undergraduate years in cramped basement laboratories, practicing the dark art of animal husbandry in an effort to understand the mating patterns of prairie voles and fruit flies. 

After breaking her mother’s heart by not applying to medical school, she joined the legion of millennials who graduated college at the height of the Great Recession and got a job at Groupon. There, Sarah honed her writing abilities by waxing poetic on the wonders of getting six laser hair removal treatments for the price of one. She supplemented her passion for coupons by publishing pieces in Teen Vogue, Rookie, Reductress, Gothamist, Splinter, and The Chicago Sun-Times

Today, Sarah lives in Brooklyn. She has mentored high school students through the nonprofit Girls Write Now and guest lectured at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs. As of the fall of 2020, she is pursuing a Masters of Fine Arts in Fiction at Brooklyn College, where she is a Truman Capote fellow.